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Aimee Review

In-depth review of Aimee Sweet's official website By Halfdeck (June 1, 2005)

Introduction is the official website of the redhead Penthouse Pet Aimee Sweet (for more info on Aimee Sweet, check out Aimee Sweet's biography at Savage Aimee spends alot of time on the site, learning Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc. last year to completely take charge of her site, while she's not busy doing photo shoots at various locations to create fresh content for the site, or producing and starring in her hot new hardcore/softcore DVD planned for distribution later this year (Fall 2005).

Aimee Sweet Nude

What Makes Special?

Huge digital images of Aimee traveling, goofing around with friends at her birthday party, playing with her dog, or relaxing at Alexus Winston's beautiful house (in addition to the many erotic nude photos you'd expect to see).  These candid photos are big, unretouched and crystal clear - on par with Abby Winters photos -- at around 960x1280.  I even found a photo that's 3264x2448!  Photos of Aimee Sweet wearing red cotton panties that reads "fabulous babe", eating ABC soup holding a spoon with pasta that reads "GFY", burning firewood outside with her friend Aria Giovanni wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, or somewhere out in the woods in Burro Canyon Shooting Park weilding an automatic weapon in one hand, Megastar .45 in another, army cap on backwards, blue jeans and a sexy black shoulder holster...If you were just expecting medium rez glamour pics of Aimee Sweet, you will be pleasantly shocked!

Interaction with Aimee through fan mail, her message board, and live video chat is another unique aspect of Aimee Sweet is a super-busy gal. Still, she always takes time to interact with her fans. This Thursday(6/2/2005), she's flying out to Philadelphia for a comic book convention called Wizard World Tour where she'll hang out for three days enjoying the shows and meeting her fans. Aimee has regularly scheduled live video chat and performances for all her members to enjoy, but Aimee also will meet you via high quality video chat 1 on 1.  You have to dish out 75 bucks to buy 15 minutes block of time, but once you do, send her an email to schedule a date and she will make your dream come true!  If you're looking to get to know Aimee Sweet better, and for her to get to know you -- not just see her naked pics and videos -- there's no better place than


Click here to see interactive screen captures of Under The Hood

Aimee Sweet and Aria Giovanni girl+girlPhotos photo content includes solo shoots, girl+girl sets, fetish images, and candid pictures. The content, as you might expect from a glamour model site is primarily soft core, but you'll be pleased to find some extreme close-up shots, finger fucking, object insertions and pussy licking involving Aimee and her girlfriends.

One image that caught my attention is a 1536x1024 pic from a girl-girl set featuring Aimee Sweet and Kelle Marie that fills up the entire screen, capturing Aimee licking the tip of a wooden chess piece buried halfway inside Kelle Marie's beautiful pussy.

The majority of Aimee's girl-girl sets include Angel Cassidy, Aria Giovanni, Adrianna Sage, Jelena Jensen, Kelle Marie, and Alexus Winston. There were also a few other faces I didn't recognize.

Photo styles range from artistic, glamour pics to crisp digital images. Many of the photos are exclusive to, although there are also some of Aimee's less recent photos taken by Suze Randall, the photographer that discovered Aimee Sweet. Other non-exclusive Aimee Sweet images available in the members area include those from Redezra, Pink Fever, VirtuaGirl, Blue Fantasies, Danni's Hard Drive, and Ken Marcus.

Photo resolution varies, the non-exclusive content tending to be small, around 800x600. However, the exclusive photos are usually on the large side; many of the candid pics especially are gigantic! Those range from 1280x851 to 1280x960, but you will occassionally find images that are even larger than that.

At the time of this writing, I counted 240 sets of Aimee comprised of 8,994 pics. As an added bonus, there were 48 sets of Aimee's friends in the Net Buddies section that amounted to 2,245 pics. All in all, expect to see at least 11,239 photos when you join (Click here for the current list of Aimee Sweet's net buddies).

Be sure to view the photos via a slideshow feature that automatically progress from one picture to the next using an impressive blend effect. Make sure you have javascript enabled and is browsing on Internet Explorer, since I didn't notice the blend effect on Netscape.


The videos section is still rather small, roughly 77 clips total, each lasting about 5 minutes on average, although the live video chat archives run a bit longer. Expect many solo striptease videos, softcore girl+girl scenes, and some hot live chat video archives. Video resolution ranges from 320x240 to 640x480, and most are encoded in 300~500k VBR. One girl+girl video featuring Aimee and Angel Cassidy ran at 934.5kbps VBR at 640x480 resolution. The videos usually maintain sharp picture quality without much pixellation, but I did find that many of the videos failed to play at a smooth frame rate. For each download, a low speed and high speed download options are available. Since the videos play via progressive download, there's not much waiting involved either.


No site is ever perfect. Firstly, I found the content area could use a bit more organization. Having different sections for candid pics, girl+girl content, etc would make browsing much easier. Secondly, video quality needs improvement, as I mentioned in the Videos section. There are even a few video clips that run at 12 frames per second. Thirdly, I found too many upsells in the members area. Finally, the site design came across as a bit impersonal. Less advertising and more text written by Aimee ( brief stories explaining the candid pictures, for example) would go a long way in adding a personal touch to the site.


If you're an avid Aimee Sweet fan, you'll be taken completely by surprise by the original, exclusive images and videos of Aimee Sweet at Content is updated every week.


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Aimee Sweet Welcome Page

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Final Score: 76